Tuesday, September 16, 2008

true fashion

I am learning a few things about style from my daughter:

1-Always give clothing the twirl test. If it twirls, then clearly it's made beautifully and definitely worth wearing.

2-Always dress for several occasions all at once. You never know when you'll simultaneously need to twirl, run really fast, hide in pink bushes from the neon police, be prepared to meet the queen (wearing a couple pseudo-boas and the oh-so-affordable faux satin) in the rain, not to mention ride in on your stick horse in high style.

3-One layer is never enough.

4-This may seem redundant, but honestly, one can never have too many layers, especially in the summer months with temperatures averaging 90 degrees.

5-Always wear what makes YOU feel beautiful.

(please note:
there's also a fancy polka-dot dress
underneath the lovely neon long-sleeve jammie gown;
this outfit best suited for bicycle riding thru the neighborhood)

My cheeks hurt from smiling the whole time I'm uploading these photos. She is so funny. She just walked in here... (library/quiet time is over and it's time to make lunch together), and she sees these photos up on the screen...

"Oh! (high pitched exclamation) Now that's a cute outfit, Mom. Yes, I do like that black shirt. (pause) Can I wear that black shirt, Mom? And those black pants, where do we find some of those?"

LOL. I'm sure the black top and bottom she's looking for as I finish this up will beautifully complement the apparel she's wearing right this moment: the pink-on-pink track jacket (seen above), her favorite green twirly dress (also pictured above... and mentionably totally vintage Wendy Doschades couture -- that's my mama -- custom made for me 26 years ago), and a pair of yellow long underwear style pajama bottoms.

If you need style advice, refer to Kennady's top 5 tips. (Here's another tip: you can never go wrong when you "put on Christ." Romans 13:14)

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a woman found said...

I love it!!

Connor is soooooo concerned about clothes this year (5th). I wonder if it's an age thing, or if it's just him. I guess I haven't hung out with a lot of 5 year olds but I didn't really think they cared about what they wore, girls yeah, but boys!?

Reading this post about Kennady makes me think maybe it's an age/personality thing. I'm not sure, but just from your other posts it seems like Kennady and Connor share some personality traits.


simmie flock said...

I better keep this post away from "Babci". One look and she'll be bookin' it to Roseburg in hopes of seeing her "wanna-be" granddaughter.

I can't get over Kennady's ability to shine with the Spirit so brightly. Every time I'm around her...same thing. She's beautiful.

Amy Holst said...

Oh gosh, peeing myself!!!!!

Thursday is picture day for Caleb and I told him we'll have to pick out a special outfit for school and he tells me . . . "I'd like to wear my slippers".

Transformed said...

To wonderfully cute! Children are like canvases that the Lord is making into a beautiful painting...

Ranch Mama said...

Ahhhh! That is so sweet. I can hardly wait till I have such a fashion expert at my house. Kennady looks especially great as a cowgirl, very authentic! Enjoy all these moments.....