Monday, September 08, 2008

3 Quotes (real quick)

"Yup." -Kevan (2)

"I'm not gon' grow up yet. I'm still small. I'm only human, Mom, I'm only human." -Kennady (4)

"Why does Kennady have to wear a ballet bun, Mom? What's a ballet bun, is that just like a hot dog bun?" -Bryson (5)


simmie flock said...

2 quotes, real quick...:)

Mom to Avery:
"Tell Dad Mom has to lay down for a minute cause I have cramps in my stomach."
"You have what?"
"Just tell Dad 'Mom. Cramps. Stomach'. He'll understand."
"Daaaaaad! Mom has a cr**py stomach!"

Nolan, Avery, Liam and I made 2 bundt cakes yesterday. Dad walks in from work and Avery says "Nolan! I want to tell him!...Dad? We made 2 bum cakes today."

Captivated said...

i love when my kids say funny things. if i don't write them down, i know i'll forget. and what's cool is the kids like hearing about the funny things they used to say when they were "little." thanks for the laugh. it makes me wanna hear more!