Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sayin' our Good-byes...

Check the pink sweatshirt.
(From her shopping spree.)

Check the kids clinging to her legs.
(If it were up to them she'd never be free.)

(Well at least I tried.)
Not easy to do with a heavy SLR camera.
Not a great pic, but I do like the thought behind it
and that at least we're all looking at the camera.

(Waving them off... as they head toward the elevators.)

(I had a vision for capturing this moment,
but I didn't have my big flash,
they were in a hurry and hotel hallway lighting stinks.)

It's the moment that counts.
And it's this particular moment we were not looking forward to.

Puh-lease come back soon, Lauren!


a woman found said...

bummer. i'm so excited when i see you've got a new post up...or ten :)

and then i get to your blog and for whatever reason all the pictures are just a box with an x in it.

anyway, just wanted you to know that out here in az i love seeing you and your precious family even if it's on a blog!


Mama Amy said...

Kell, thanksf or sharing your fam!The holy spirit is hovering over you guys...makes my eyes well up. love ya

a woman found said...

Yeah!!! i can see pictures!