Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some Cool News

so, before it's announced on Sunday, i wanted to send out some spam email about what's up with us. the Lord has been orchestrating and maneuvering, and recently bryan and i have been experiencing some unity about a new ministry.

so i wanted you all to be the first to know... that we are moving to Mexico. for a long long long time.

no, not really.

but we are moving into Youth Ministry. after several months of bryan feeling the pull or desire or calling of working with high school age kids, and the other 5 pastors affirming my husband's calling and gifting in that area, pastor phil officially made him the new High School Youth Pastor at their pastors' meeting this week. we are excited to see what the Lord will do! bryan will still oversee administration and financials and still function within the body as he has been, but he'll be adjusting his schedule to meet the needs of our family first and then the needs of RCF youth.

we were first asked to consider pastoring in youth ministries almost 2 years ago, but Bryan and i were not in unity about it at the time. with a baby on the way (laughing at myself) it didn't feel like the right season for us to jump in head first. but now it just feels like the most natural transition.

the pastors are all seeing the Lord preparing to move mightily in the area of FAMILY and ministering to and for the whole family unit with an emphasis on the inter-generational relationships that are so important for us as adults, but also for the children of our church body. so for us, now, with our two older kids ready to turn 4 and 5, we feel like it's the most natural thing to incorporate all of us into how Jesus will work out this new aspect of full-time ministry.

i'm excited for bryan b/c he is so into the youth -- he loves hanging out with the guys and being real and holding them accountable and encouraging/discipling them. and we're excited that bryson will be able to assist Dad on a regular basis (as a junior pastor, lol) and watch what and how Dad does the Lord's work, and hang out with the big kids who also love Jesus.

on the afternoons that Bryson will be with Dad, i'll have some alone time to disciple my daughter while Kev's still napping. she's been really really interested in helping me cook and bake and putting together our table for mealtime.

and i didn't realize until my friend sent me the links to all these different books about high school aged girls and what they face each day at school and with boys, that i'd really be into that. i'd love to be real with the girls about real stuff. so i know the Lord is already preparing my heart so that i can be a "Safe Place" for these young women.

and then there's the benefit of lots more "big kids" to love on my babes. (i hear teenage girls love itty-bitty babes.)

it may take awhile for our transition to feel complete. we're going to ease into it. Bryan and the current youth pastor will co-coordinate youth events and mission trips through the end of the year. which is good b/c we'll be especially preoccupied with the newest Baby Trenkle.

so here's the really cool thing... by the time we've invested fully into the Youth Ministry with our time and resources, we will be ministering to the 3 & 4 year olds we had in our Sunday School classes five and six years ago! the Lord is bringing us full circle! it brings tears to my eyes! we loved those kids and we get to love on them again!

so that's the scoop. we'd love love love your prayers. and i'd love to know what you think, so if the Lord gives you some encouragement or ideas for us, PLEASE share it!

so, now... just check out my Snow Babies...


Sheila said...

Wow! I'll be praying over that. I can totally see your "family" enlarging in a God sized way along with your capacity to love like Jesus which will be stretched and strengthened.

praying and praising!

mommymelb said...

You have adorable kids Kellie! Congratulations on your upcoming life change. You will be a great example for all the youth you come in contact with! They're lucky to have you!

Will and Krystal Irwin said...

woot woot!