Friday, February 22, 2008

Kennady's Date with Daddy

Every year there's a Father-Daughter dance here in town and it's just as fun as prom, I think, for at least the moms and daughters. Kennady could not WAIT until the big night. I pulled out this gorgeous little red dress from her closet and her eyes got as big as saucers, amazed at the look and feel of a real princess dress.

I got butterflies, too! This was the dress my cousin Kassie wore in our wedding 7 years ago! Kennady asked to wear it daily, but nope... it was only for the big date night with Daddy.

He took her to the dance for a couple hours where she fell in love with Hannah Montana songs and she and Daddy (who never dances with the Mom) did all sorts of group dances. I wish moms were allowed to watch from behind one of those one-sided window thingies. I would have loved to capture the whole thing on camera.

They went out to IHOP afterward where she, Princess of the Night, finally was able let down her hair... taking off her crown and chowing down on some silver-dollar pancakes. She recalls every detail of that night, including that the side of fruit cost Daddy "a thousand dollars!" (well, $5.00, but it's all relative).

She had so much fun, that she and Daddy might have to "date" more often. Sometimes as Kennady's spending some quiet time in her room or trying to fall asleep for nap, I'll hear her singing a version of the song "I Exalt Thee"...

"I exaaaaaaalt me! I exaaaaaalt me!
At the Faaaaaaaaaaaather Daaaaaaaaaughter Daaaaaaance.
I eeeeeeeeeeeeeeexalt meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Oh Lord."

She actually missed the dance in 2007 because she was sick. But here's Kennabear and Daddy on Date Night TWO whole years ago in 2006...

Hard to believe my baby girl's not a baby anymore!


simmie flock said...

What?! That's only a YEAR'S difference in those 2 date-night pictures?? Boy, is Kennady blossoming into a lovely young lady, and so quickly. My favorite thing about her is her transparent eyes. You have no choice but to see so brightly the Spirit just radiating out of them. That must be what my mom is so drawn to, I'll bet. Kennady really is a walking example of being "filled to overflowing" with the pure, child-like faith of the sweet Holy Spirit. Does she ever NOT smile? :)

Thank You, Jesus, for Your generous gift of Your Spirit in the Trenkle's lives. I thank You so much for penetrating Bryan and Kellie's hearts in such personal ways, and for the love and desire You planted in them to pass such an indescribable gift on to the children they're raising for You.
I thank You, Jesus, for raising Bryan and Kellie up to be parents that desire YOUR best for their children. I thank You for leading Bryan and Kellie in Your ways as parents that first love You, then each other. May the Trenkle legacy be saturated in all things YOU.

simmie flock said...

Oh my...I was just showing Darren and the kids your ever-so-lovely pictures and I noticed that there is indeed TWO years between those date night pics. Ooops...yeah, I was thinking what a tremendous growth spurt Kennady experienced!

Well, just wanted to share with you that YES, I AM paying attention here! :)

Love ya sis