Thursday, January 10, 2008

Praying in Faith

Last night I had an incredible horrible headache. It was a really long day yesterday. We hit the library for storytime (but it was cancelled) and got McDonald's for lunch, remembered to call the pediatrician's office to see what time Kev's appointment for Friday (not Friday, "it's today at 2:30" said the nice voice on the other end of the phone), so then we laid down to try to sleep for 90 minutes so mommy and children could handle an afternoon at the doctor and possibly a couple errands. NOT SO MUCH. The kids, not one of them closed their little eyes for somr R&R.

So I got 'em up, ran Kev through the bath and we were 20 minutes early (for once) to the doctor. But the kids were on the edge of the melting-point. So, now running to Wal-Mart (to buy the dominoes that so fascinated the kids at the library that morning) was OUT of the question. We came home, I fixed ANOTHER "wunch" and laid the kids down. Only to find that my throbbing head was going to keep me awake. The kids slept for 20 minutes (tops) and then everyone was crying.

Crying, crying, crying!

We were all inconsolable. Dad was filling in for the youth pastor at youth group, so he would be home late. Then I hear screams from the boys room. Not the crying out in sorrow screams that they'd been crying, but outright fearful crying. And then Bryson comes sprinting into my room scared to death. Panic! Kevan's crying, too, goes up a notch and I realize when I walk in their room that the light fixture has fallen out of the ceiling and is dangling by its electrical wires. I breathe a sigh of relief, since it did not come crashing down on one of their heads and assure myself that this is a "monster" that I can handle, not fix, but at least deal with its presence.

I fixed another "wunch" for dinner and then we holed up in Kennady's room, since it did not have any strange dangling monsters. The kids followed me wherever I went, they were so freaked out they wouldn't leave my side. Please come home, soon, Daddy! Mommy's going to fall apart!!!

Just before Bryan got home, the kids and I were getting "cozy" on the floor with their pillows and blankets. And they noticed I was crying.

"You sad, Mommy?"
"Yes, Mommy's head hurts. It makes me feel sad. Would you pray with me?" And hold out my hands as I'm laying on my side with my own "bwankie and pillows."

Bryson reaches for my right and Kennady climbs over top of me to hold my hand and caress my forehead.

I start praying, "Dear Jesus, Mommy's head hurts really bad. You are the Great Physician, You are the best Doctor, would you heal my head and make me feel all better..."

And as I'm talking to Jesus, Kennady is whispering beside me, "Yes, Jesus, yes Jesus, make Mommy all better." And then quietly sings, "Come, Lord Jesus, come. Come, Lord Jesus, come..."

As I open my eyes to peek at her, marveling at the gift she's just given me by what I've heard, she adds: "And pwease bring me a Belle horsey, in Jesus name."

I smile so big and forget my headache for a moment. "AMEN!" That's my girl!

Thank you, Jesus, for the prayers of my babies -- that they'll lay hands on me and ask for what we know is in your power to give! Increase their faith and oh! May they always walk in Your love.


KiaBia said...

Hey pretty lady. I just spent some time and caught up on your life. Congrats on the upcoming addition and thanks for sharing such wonderful stories about your cute fam. Love it!

Sheila said...

i love that!!! it's like krystal wrote in a post i read from her yesterday on a picture from a gathering feeding the homeless. the little kids are, as she put it, "God's little hands and feet."

i've been real sick these past three days and the other night i couldnt sing to them because of the sickies and connor started crying and i overheard him praying while i was hacking up a lung in the bathroom, "jesus, please heal the bug in mommies throat and take it out, please!...(sobs)" that was a moment of tears, smiles and prayers of thanksgiving and that the Holy Spirit would speak to his precious heart comfort. then i went in there and managed to whisper/squeek out a verse to his nightnight song.

i love hearing these stories of our kids' real sprouting faith from other mamas!