Monday, November 12, 2007


What are some of the funny things about your kids? I'll tell you about mine because I've been marveling about how unique God's made each of them. They're funny little people!

My daughter is the earliest early bird in the Pacific Northwest. She's sooooo cheerful and excited to rise just before the sun. (What a blessing for her, to naturally rise so easily -- I hope it's something she'll enjoy throughout her life.)

She's not very tidy. She tends to be a little... uh, impulsive and distracted when it comes to cleaning up her toys/clothes/room. I'm sure she has good intentions, but more often than not, I'll find her reading one of her books or sketching on her Magna-Doodle practicing her circles & pretty faces very intently. Sound like anyone else in this house... um, yeah.

Kennady still sucks her thumb exactly the same way she has since she was 11-weeks old. Left-thumb-in-mouth-while-holding-right-ear-of-Bunny-Bear. One day... No More Thumb. But for now, at bedtime when we ask her how we can pray for her, her #1 thing is "MY FUMB!"

"Dear Jesus, help me walk in the Spirit. So I can have self-control and stop sucking my fumb."

Bryson. Now unlike Kennady (and Dad) who prefers cheese over chocolate, Bryson (like Mama) prefers bigger chocolate over smaller chocolate. He is forever scoping out the larger dessert protion. Scoot back, Goose! I've learned to selflessly serve dessert to my sweet little children before serving myself (that way he won't choose my dished-up delight!).

Bryson is painstakingly particular about his clothing. He tells me what matches and what won't. (I don't think he's color-blind.) He has his faves and rarely tries any new outfits. Getting dressed to leave the house... please don't ask. It's getting better. But my definition of going-to-town clothes and his are not synonomous. Also, in case you were wondering, there is an order to how clothing is put on. (He and Bryan completely understand each other.)

His pant legs must cover the velcro on his sneaks completely and if they're shoes with laces, it's a monumental effort to get them disguised enough to his liking. He has a down comforter on his bed and at bedtime and naptime, the edges must be tucked in nice and neat and the seams? The seams must be straight. Bryson's very tidy and keeps his toys sorted completely and he's mastering folding his clothes. Bless his heart!

And Bubba? We're still learning about this little man. He will not leave his room without his blanket in hand. He also thinks he's 3 or 4 an dprefers the big kid toys, big kid chairs, big kid wrestling and big kid mischief.

He has mastered the art of saying, "No."
"Bring that here, Kev." Shake, shake shake.
"Gimme kisses." Shake, shake, shake.
"Come to Mommy." Shake, shake, shake.
Little turkey!

I know that's why the Good Lord is giving us another babe -- because He knows how my kids jump ship into Daddy territory. After they're done nursing -- SHOOP! They're like, "Mom, who?" Even Kev, about 4 or 5 months ago. So I have Mommy-only babes for about 20-months. And the child (lucky for me) has no choice for the first nine!

One of the things we're working with Kevan on are his tastebuds and the subsequent knee-jerk reaction. Well, it's more of an arm-jerk reaction. Kevvy don't likey, Kevvy throw-y overboard-y. We gotta get that in check!

Each of the kids have their own little mini-passions.

Kenna: Loves princesses and horsies.
Bryson: Loves any sport -- all the way. And puzzles.
Kevan: Oh, totally our remotes, cell phones, cordless phones, and the mouse from the PC.

You know, it's so cool to watch these kids grow and develop. The Lord has given them each a natural bent toward something. It's up to Bryan and me to seek the Lord and discern these things so they can be raised up in a way that maximizes their talents and giftings and glorifies the Giver.

What is it that you see so clearly in your kids? Do you ever take the time to write it down? That's why I'm on here... it gives me a chance to "publish" a moment in time, a conversation, a snapshot. I don't have time for scrapbooking!

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Mama Amy said...

That was so much fun to read! You are a great mom to cherish your children the way you do! Love all you trenkle toes!!!