Saturday, November 17, 2007

Broken Back & Punctured Lung

Hey, everyone. This is a CALL FOR PRAYER!

Bryan's niece 16-year-old niece Kelly was in a car accident today. She broke her back and punctured a lung. I don't know the details of the accident yet...

Bryan came in and told me just those 2 details while I was in the middle of my nap today. I couldn't fall back asleep. But when I went out to ask him more about it, he'd fallen asleep on the couch. I'll update.

Thank you for praying!

Kelly lives in Colby, Kansas with her sister Kylie and brother Bryant, mom Tammy and of course, Gramma & Papa Trenkle.

This photo was taken June '06 when they were staying with us when Kevan was born.

UPDATE: Kelly was driving her '98 Chevy Malibu to work on the dirt backroads, while talking on her cell phone. She hit a humongous pothole at too high of a speed and lost control of the car. It flipped into a ditch and rolled and rolled and rolled into the adjacent pasture. She was thrown from the car.

When the officer showed up on the scene she was found in the passenger side. (Apparently in shock, she walked back to the car and got back in.) She's hospitalized at Citizens Medical Center in Colby with a concussion, a punctured lung and a fracture in her lower back and is not paralyzed! Doctors think that the injuries will heal over time. The sheriff said there was no way she should have walked away from the accident.

(Just as a side note, Kennady can cooberate with the sheriff's assessment. She informed me that "cousin Kelly was in a car crash and it was real bad, because a dragon ripped her back open and now she's in the hops-ital." Wow, Kelly really is blessed to be alive!)

We're praying this brings the family together in an amazing way -- that we would all see how quickly life can turn upside down, in an instant -- and to keep our eyes and hearts on the things that really matter: our family & the Giver of Life, the Saviour & Guardian through every pothole... Jesus Christ.


Mama Amy said...

we're praying!

simmie flock said...

oh, yes, kellie! We will pray...and we can assure you God not only heals, but heals in abundance!! She and her family will no doubt be overflowing with testimony including, but not limited to, this accident! Can't wait to hear about His wonderful works!

simmie flock said...

all the better when we hear about an accident or injury that should have left the victim in way worse condition than they are! that way there's no way we can accidentally (sp), in the flesh, believe the "doctor's alone" had a hand in the recovery! it's all Jesus! All of it!! And it's such a blessing to get to sit back and meditate on the fact that Jesus knew this was going to happen to Kelly and He knew the outcome. This was His plan and His plans are awesome! Keep the updates comin'....

Sheila said...

I'm agreeing with you in prayer too!